Our Goal

Whether you are considering Botox® treatments, injectable cosmetic fillers, laser treatments, liposuction, hair loss solutions or cosmetic surgery, Dr. Hébert and his team are there to build an individual plan with you to help you recapture and express a more youthful and natural appearance. You are the priority and close attention is paid to understanding your needs and what is the best plan to help you achieve your goals.

Regarded as one of Quebec’s leaders in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Hébert’s practice is founded on respect for patients and quality of care. In practical terms, this philosophy means a welcoming and dynamic team, a comfortable setting, and treatments and techniques that are at the forefront in aesthetic medicine today. Dr. Hébert and his team are committed to your satisfaction and cooperate closely with you in developing your treatment plan and suggesting a safe, tested approach that is adapted to your real needs.

Dr. Hébert and his team invite you to come and see for yourself what they can do for you. By understanding your goals and ensuring that the outcome of any treatments will be to your complete satisfaction, they are there to help you choose the way you face the world.