Anti-aging treatment with Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze
This technology operates with innovative (MP)² technology (multi-polar radiofrequency and magnetic pulses), which helps to reverse the effects of aging skin by combining both Pulse Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency . What does this mean? It means that the Pulse Magnetic Fields increase growth hormone responsible for the creation of miniscule blood vessels and the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen). The RF (radio frequency) increases collagen and elastin synthesis which stimulates the self repair of skin tissue. This process leads to a measurable circumferential reduction and smoothes cellulite.

The (MP)² technology improves the blood flow in the treated area which enhances the skin`s condition – improved skin circulation means a better supply of vitamins, minerals and oxygen to skin cells, simultaneously removing toxins and waste materials. The structure of the collagen fibers are modified making them thicker and shorter which increases skin tightness.

At your consultation, Dr. Hébert first examines and decides the treatment area with you and then one of our medical estheticians will perform the procedure, which usually last between forty-five and sixty minutes. The basic treatment centers on a series of eight consecutive weekly sessions but may be extended until the desired results are obtained. Results can be seen after the first treatment.

Venus Freeze Before - AfterVenus Freeze Before - After

Venus Freeze Before - AfterVenus Freeze Before - AfterVenus Freeze Before - After

Venus Freeze Before - After