How to get younger looking hands

Younger Looking Hands

Our hands are always visible yet we often neglect them, and they need more than a wash with soap and water to keep their youthful appearance. We spend a lot of energy, time and money looking after our face, teeth and hair but we generally do not extend the same level of care to our hands. Our hands are subjected to multiple and ongoing attacks, and they unfortunately give away our age to the same degree as our faces… sometimes even more.

How often does Dr. Hébert hear patients complain that, while their faces continue to look youthful thanks to their efforts, their hands are showing visible signs of aging? For this reason, skin revitalization care for the hands is becoming increasingly popular and is now an integral part of anti-aging treatment programs.

What causes our hands to age?

The two main causes are:

1. Actinic damage or changes caused by exposure to the sun:

  • Pigmentation disorders, such as age spots.
  • Precancerous or cancerous lesions.
  • Changes in collagen and elastic fibres, which cause skin to become thinner and more fragile.

2. Changes in volume:

  • Decrease in subcutaneous fat.
  • Reduced bone mass and deformations caused by arthritis.

Fortunately, there are currently many first-rate methods for slowing down hand aging and restoring radiance and youth to your hands.

More superficial damage can be treated with:

  1. Topical preparations that stimulate collagen and lighten the colour of the skin, such as vitamin A derivatives (Retin-A®, Tazorac®, Differin®) and vitamin C-based preparations.
  2. Chemical peels using AHA.
  3. Light microdermabrasion with infusion of therapeutic substances (HydraFacial® for the hands).
  4. Phototherapy (e.g. using BBL technology) to remove age spots.

Deeper damage, extending to the dermis and fatty tissues, can be treated using:

  1. Dermal filler injections, such as Teosyal®, Juvederm®, Esthelis®, Selphyl®.
  2. “Volumizing” injectables that stimulate collagen production, such Radiesse®.

Before seeking treatment, think prevention. The only truly effective strategy for guarding against actinic skin damage is to protect yourself, as often as possible, from the devastating effects of the sun’s rays. That means that regular use of UVB- and UVA-blocking sun creams is a must – yes – on your hands too!

As you can see, revitalizing the skin on the hands, as part of an overall program of improvements, is possible—and it makes all the difference. Simple, effective methods are available and they can be used together to work on different degrees of tissue damage. The final result: hands that don’t give away their age, that have supple, firm skin with no age spots.