Hair restoration with laser biostimulation


Low Level laser Hair Biostimulation Therapy is a new painless and noninvasive option in hair restoration. In fact, low level laser therapy (LLLT) is among the most exciting new options in the treatment of hair loss. Recent US and European studies suggest that LLLT stimulates blood and lymph circulation at the hair root, decreases inflammation, and improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis.

Results on the scalp are usually visible within 6 months:

  • Improvement of hair quality and density
  • Stabilization of hair loss
  • Promotion of new hair growth

The Laser Unit

  • The clinical unit contains 107 low-level laser energy diodes in an open-paneled hood, designed to deliver the energy to the entire scalp simultaneously.
  • The visible red light from the hood’s lasers travels several layers into the tissue without harming the skin and scalp. Because the laser light does not cut or burn the skin, the therapeutic light-energy is absorbed by the cells and the process of cell repair begins.
  • Men and women being treated for hair loss sit comfortably under the laser unit as it gently delivers the phototherapy to the scalp. There is no pain or discomfort from the therapy.
  • The sessions vary in length from 15 to 30 minutes. The frequency of sessions and the duration of the therapy program will depend on the Dr. Hébert’s recommendations.

The best candidates for LLLT are:

  • Men with early stages of hair thinning
  • Individuals using other hair restoration treatments and procedures (hair transplants, Propecia®)
  • Women with widespread thinning who are usually not good candidates for hair transplants
  • Post chemotherapy patients for faster reactivation of hair follicles

Biostimulation for hair loss: $2000 for a one year program