How ARTAS robotic hair transplant works

How does The ARTAS® Procedure work?

The ARTAS Procedure restores hair by transplanting permanent hair from the back or side of the head into thinning areas. Dr. Hébert uses the ARTAS System to harvest healthy hair. Using digital imaging technology, the ARTAS System identifies and maps hair in its natural groupings on the scalp. Dr. Hébert then uses the ARTAS System’s precision robotics to remove hair so that the area retains its original appearance. The hair is then meticulously transplanted into the scalp by a team of surgical assistants, based on the patient’s treatment goals, to provide a natural looking result.


Here are the steps of an ARTAS® Robotic Procedure:

  • The area of the scalp to be used for transplantation is trimmed so it can be digitized by the ARTAS Robotic System.
  • The procedure is done under local anesthesia administered by Dr. Hébert.
  • The ARTAS Robotic System digitally maps the area, analyzing the position of each natural grouping of hair.
  • With Dr. Hébert’s guidance, the System harvests donor hair in a random fashion, so that the area retains its original appearance. The above process is repeated until the desired amount of hair is acquired.
  • The grafts are then transplanted into the desired areas of the scalp, according to Dr. Hébert’s design. These implanted grafts grow as permanent hair.

  • What happens after the procedure?

  • Most patients quickly return to their normal activities, often within a day or two.
  • After a week, both the donor and the newly grafted areas should have a similar appearance as before the procedure.
  • At approximately six months, most patients enjoy a noticeable improvement.
  • By nine months, patients can experience natural-looking hair that will last a lifetime.

  • What is a Follicular Unit?


    We all know what hair follicles are. But many people don’t realize that hair in the scalp grows in groupings. These groupings, called follicular units, typically contain one to four hair follicles. In hair restoration, single-hair follicular units are transplanted in irregular patterns along the hairline, like the original hairline. Multiple-hair follicular units are used in the interior to provide density and fullness. In this way, the transplanted hair grows back naturally and permanently.