What to expect with the ARTAS procedure

One week before the surgery

Once the surgery is confirmed, you will be provided with guidelines on diet, hydration, sleep and other preparations. You’ll talk about any prescriptions or supplements you are taking. Wash your hair on the night before the surgery but don’t add any gels or other products to the hair.

Tip: Get a short hair cut before the procedure. This will make the procedure less noticeable right after treatment. Hair grows quickly and within a week will look back to normal.

Day of the surgery

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • You’ll be seated in a comfortable chair. The hair to be transplanted will be cut to a short, uniform length.
  • A local anesthetic is administered for the procedure.
  • Procedure begins and permanent hair is removed for transplant. This will take a few hours depending on your treatment plan. Hair will then be transplanted into the desired areas.
  • You will receive all of the necessary information on how to care for your transplanted follicles.

    One to two days after the surgery

    You will be able to return to your normal daily activities.

    One week after the surgery

    Both the donor and recipient areas should have a similar appearance as before the procedure.

    Six months after the surgery

    You’ll have noticeable, permanent hair growth. The area will continue to fill out over the next few months.