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Reverse the effects
of balding

Baldness or alopecia androgenic, genetic and hereditary cause, is a common condition. Hair falls because follicles or roots are too sensitive to male hormone derivatives circulating in the blood. However, the hair of the crown is protected from the effects of these hormones.

Baldness affects up to two-thirds of Caucasian men between the ages of 35 and 40 and affects women to a lesser degree (around 30% before menopause).

In men, baldness is first manifested by the gradual withdrawal of the frontal line, followed by more or less extensive loss of hair to the tonsure. In women, it is rather manifested by a gradual and diffuse decrease in hair density over the entire head. The frontal line is usually not affected.

In general, early-onset baldness will be more severe at older ages than if it occurs later.


Find your perfect solution for a beautiful, healthy, full head of hair.

Platelet rich plasma

Improve quality of hair and reverse the process of balding through multiple superficial injections of blood serum microdroplets.



Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation is the best-known type of hair-replacement surgery because it provides the only...


The Atras System

This technology is a state-of-the-art medical device that safely and effectively extracts hair for transplantation. With over 10 years of...



Low-intensity lasers stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the hairline, reduce inflammation, and improve cell metabolism...


Mustache / Beard / Eyebrows

Aesthetic improvements to patients who, years ago, underwent hair grafts with the old punch technique.


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